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A physical examination is the one of the most basic ways to receive medical treatment, but it is also the foundation of establishing the overall health of a patient. Physicals are not only needed to maintain one's health, but they also establish the medical status of the patient to others who need confirmation. It is not unusual for patients to need physicals to attend school, return to work, and proceed with other significant activities in their life.

At CovenantCare Family & Urgent Care we understand the importance that a thorough, carefully conducted physical can have for our patients. As one of the premier providers of primary and urgent care in Nevada County, California, our health professionals have the experience and resources to provide an array of different physicals depending on our patient's needs.

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Types of Physicals We Offer

Some physicals are part of a patient's annual "check-up," but many patients need physicals for much more specific reasons. At CovenantCare Family & Urgent Care, we have the facilities and knowledgeable medical personnel to provide a number of different medical examinations.

  • At CovenantCare Family & Urgent Care, we offer:
  • DOT Physicals: "DOT" stands for Department of Transportation and DOT physicals are used to clear potential drivers for the operation of commercial vehicles.
  • School/Athletic Physicals: sometimes known as "pre-participation" physicals, these physicals clear student-athletes to play in sports at their school, college, or university.
  • Camp and Scouting Physicals: these are much like school/athletic physicals, but usually with a focus on children who will be taking part in a physical activity outdoors.
  • Return to Work Clearance: these exams clear injured employees to return to work after an accident or illness has occurred. We can provide the return to work notes depending on the employer's preference.
  • Industrial Testing: these exams vary based on the industry the patient is hoping to join. Employers can make these exams a requirement for people they want to add to their team. We can provide hearing and pulmonary function testing as needed for these exams.

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